Prepping Your Home for Winter

Fall is in full swing in Ohio. That means cooler temperatures and even that the first snow flurries are falling! Even though the cold weather is beginning, you can still take the proper measures to prep your home for the winter to come.


Here are our top 5 tips for Prepping Your Home for Winter:

1. Stop any Drafts

Go around your home inside and outside to check for areas where cold air can come from. Replace or install weatherstripping for all windows and door jams. Also caulk and spray foam any open gaps or cracks in siding, window and door frames or your foundation - don't forget the basement!

2. Check the Gutters

Examine your gutters to make sure they are securely fastened to your home and clear them of any debris. Gutter spouts should also be pointing away from the home and any walkways to prevent flooding of your foundation or other damage.


3. Do some Trimming

Go through your lawn and trim back any trees or shrubs that could fall or become a problem when covered in heavy snow and icicles. Be sure to give special attention to those that are near electric wires.

4. Maximize Energy

Make sure that generated heat is not lost by insulating hot water pipes. Set your hot water heater to 120 degrees for energy savings - you won't notice the difference in the water temperature. Shut the flue on your chimney when it is not in use. All of theses things can help your fuel costs over the winter.

Winter comes every year, but let this be the year you take the steps towards prepping your home for winter and you'll enjoy a cozier season.