Questions to ask your home builder

Let's face it, there are a lot of Cleveland home builders out there - the HBA of Cleveland lists about 50 active home builders as of publishing - so when you begin researching a builder for your home, it can be very confusing.

Just like in any business, there is a vast difference between different building companies, and some Cleveland home builders stack up better than others. Builders run the gamut from builders who specialize in low price, low quality homes to custom luxury builders who take each new home project as a new opportunity to delight a home buyer.


So, how do you begin? Well, to start, there are certain questions to ask your home builder that will give you a good idea of the kind of home builder they are. Here is our short list of the top questions to ask your home builder:

1. What is included in my new home?

Included features are one way to really differentiate between Cleveland home builders. Some builders will have very basic included features, while others, like Parkview Homes, include upgrades such as granite countertops.

This is extremely important when looking at pricing as well. One builder's prices may seem higher than another's, but when you look at what is included in the home, you may see the difference in value.


2. How much of my home can I customize?

Many national builders have specific home plans that they build and cannot deviate from those plans because it isn't authorized with the corporate office. While other builders are fully custom and can move walls in an existing plan to make it more to your liking or even go full whitepaper to build your home to your exact specifications.

Check with your builder to see how much customization they can do. If you've purchased a home before or have very particular wants and needs, you would probably do best with a fully custom builder who can give you what you want.


3. Can you tell me about the home builder's warranty?

One of the most important parts about buying a new home is the new home warranty. The warranty protects you for a time period post-purchase to cover any issues that may arise with your new home.

Your home warranty is very important, so you'll want to check with your builder as to the timeframe and what is included in the warranty - whether it is only a structural warranty or if it covers other things as well. Any home builder who glosses over this point or doesn't seem willing to discuss the warranty might not have your best interests at heart.

At Parkview Homes, we specialize in custom homes. We would love to answer all of these questions for you and then some. Feel free to call us and schedule a time to research our company and our homes in person.