Should you buy a Quick Delivery Home?

When you begin your new home search, one of the first decisions you’ll encounter is whether to build or whether to go with a Quick Delivery Home. A Quick Delivery Home is a new home that is already built or in the stages of being built, often with some or all of the design selections made by a professional designer who works with the home builder. Quick Delivery Homes are called by many names, often referred to as Inventory Homes, Move In Ready Homes, Quick Move In Homes or Spec Homes.


While there are many perks to building from scratch with your own vision in mind, there are some pretty convincing reasons to choose a Quick Delivery Home as well, especially if you need a new home, well, quickly.

The first reason to buy a Quick Delivery Home is, you guessed it, because you can move in quickly. Even when your home builder is doing everything in their power to move the process along speedily, building a new home can take many months from start to finish. Many people who’ve recently sold their homes or moved to a new area or are getting to the end of a lease don’t have the luxury of taking months to build. If this is you and you need a new home fast, a Quick Delivery Home is the best choice.

Another reason to buy a Quick Delivery Home is to skip the design selection process. While lots of people look forward to selecting every fit and finish of their new home and love the design process, there are some that find the idea of selecting every detail a bit overwhelming or would just rather leave the selections to the professionals. Most Quick Delivery Home will already have some or all design choices pre-selected by a professional designer, so the work is done for you.


And perhaps the best reason of all to buy a Quick Delivery Home is because of love at first sight. Since you can walk through a Quick Delivery Home and experience it on a community visit, you may just fall in love with one that you tour. Our professional designers work with our builders to create beautiful Quick Delivery Homes that make the perfect home – and one of them might be just right for your family.

At Parkview Homes, we have a selection Quick Delivery Homes in most communities, so check out our list of homes and make an appointment to tour them today.