The Cost Effectiveness of a New Home

When you’re in the market for a new home in Cleveland, you have lots of options. Whether you are looking at existing homes on the market, inventory homes from builders or new homes built to your personalized style, they all come with pros and cons.


The appeal of a new construction home is pretty convincing on the surface, but the more you look at the facts for long-term living, a new construction home even further outshines the option of an existing home for many reasons.
One of the biggest pluses for a new construction home is that when you consider the total cost of ownership, you often come out ahead. With an existing home, you will incur costs to repair and renovate over time, even if the home is in good condition when you purchase. Problems like roof repairs, HVAC repairs and issues such as termites or other pests can cost quite a bit to solve.

When you purchase a new home, you have the benefit of a warranty period and customer service, so if something goes wrong, there is someone available to help. Not so with an existing home where shortly after you close, any new problems are all yours to fix. At Parkview Homes, you have a warranty to cover issues that arise.


Add to that the fact that a new construction home typically costs much less to heat and cool. Advancements have occurred in the past few years with insulation, HVAC systems, windows, hot water heaters – you name it. These improved systems make a new home that much more cost efficient and pleasant for your life.

And of course, new construction is, well, new. A new home is fresh, clean and ready for you to make it all your own. Walking into a new home is much like getting into a new car; it even has a “new home smell” of cut timber and fresh paint. You can’t put a price on the newness factor, but it certainly is a big advantage.

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